Catch up and get ahead

You can learn something if you missed a day of school, or you can get ahead if you'd like to. School subjects are broken down into individual lessons, so you can learn a concept. Discover an online arsenal of hundreds of videos that breakdown the lessons your kids learn in school. Only now they can pause, rewind, and play them as many times as they need.

Learn valuable life skills

Life Advantage is the part of the website that teaches valuable success principles that will help you achieve your goals. Walk step by step throughout our curriculum to learn the most important Southwestern Advantage success principles that will save you time, money, and headaches in the future.

Save time on homework

The Southwestern Advantage learning system contains only the "meaty" stuff that your kids need to know for homework and tests. No more sifting through hundreds of pages of text books or thousands of websites, only to find a mountain of information that isn't even covered. Now your kids will have access to answers - within seconds.

Prepare for tests

Save time in preparing for school tests and exams with our practice worksheets and sample tests. Test how much you've learned with our interactive quizzes. Take quizzes to pass lessons and test your skills.

Benita G. Bruster, Ph.D.

"Southwestern Advantage has hit an absolute "home run" with the new Social Studies and Language book. This resource guide contains critical elements to build student success in Social Studies and Language Arts. The publisher provided a comprehensive package to prepare students for achieving their educational goals; the book and the on-line support are all-inclusive elements included with this text."

Benita G. Bruster, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Reading and Literacy, Austin Peay State University, M.A., University of North Texas, Ph.D., Texas Women's University

Thaddeus T. Wert, M.Ed.

"As I went through all of this material, I tried to think of topics that were left out, and I honestly couldn't think of any. This is the most comprehensive presentation of elementary, middle, and secondary level mathematics that I've ever seen. Students can potentially find math examples by searching on the Internet, but there aren't any websites that are this organized and easy to navigate. There certainly isn't one single website that provides as much content as what is available in these books."

Thaddeus T. Wert, M.Ed. Math Chair, Harpeth Hall School B.S., Engineering, Vanderbilt University M.Ed., Vanderbilt University

Keil Hileman

"I love the setup and easy access for data. The pages look great. I believe you have achieved your goal of creating pages that are open and visually appealing, while making sure students get what they need to review for tests and/or what they're likely to need as they attempt to do their homework. I compared the topics and chapters to our U.S. history book, and they matched up very well." The tables, charts, and 'Did You Know' sections will help students very much. Time lines are great-useful and easy to read. Spotlights are nice and useful. Clear bold headings help with keeping interest and readability. 'Now You Know' sections are a great way to sum up! I love the maps with clear headings, descriptions, and explanations. FYI sections are helpful."

Keil Hileman 20+ years as a classroom teacher Kansas Teacher of the Year 2004 National Teacher of the Year finalist